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SEISS Payments - Second Round

If you received the first SEISS payment, you should receive a letter, email or SMS this week allocating you a day next week on which you can apply online for the second round (provided you were adversely affected after 14 July). If some way into next week you haven't received anything, you'll need to call or online-chat with HMRC.

As before you have to do this yourself - your accountant cannot apply on your behalf.

If you didn't apply for the first payment but believe you are entitled to the second, you will need to initiate an online application. That's likely to be quite unusual so please feel free to PM me and we can chat through details.

If you were rejected for the first round then you will be for the second. If you think this was wrong then you may still have correspondence/complaints ongoing, as we do for a number of clients. Nevertheless you should still apply for the second round, even if rejection is certain. You don't want to find further down the line that your appeal is successful, however unlikely that may seem at present, and that you are ineligible for Round 2 because you didn't apply for it.

There is no huge urgency on all this (albeit that of course you want your money); applications will stay open until some way into October.

We will answer any questions about this entirely for free and with no obligation, please Contact Us, or PM via our Facebook page, or email to or to Instagram Accounting4Actors so please don't hesitate.

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