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The A4A SansDrama App Makes Record Keeping Easy!

Intuitive, simple to use, and inexpensive, the A4A SansDrama App will save clients huge amounts of time researching historical transactions to bring their record keeping up to date. The app makes keeping records up to date a straightforward and simple process that is inexpensive.

Costing only £2.50+VAT per month, the A4A SansDrama  App can save considerable time spent form filling and enables clients to have all their information at their fingertips.

Click here or on the image below to see the app in action!

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Contact us at Accounting for Actors or sign up here for this great value, easy-to-use app!

You can register for the app immediately and get going. You will automatically receive a free 10-day trial, and we will contact you after that and let you know how to pay for your licence.

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Only £2.50+VAT per month - Sign Up Now!

The A4A SansDrama app has been developed by accountants and performers for performers, creatives and freelancers who don't want to account!  The SansDrama team, led by Jo and James, have been helping freelance creatives for a number of years to streamline their self-assessment tax returns and navigate some of the tricky waters of tax for actors and accounting for creatives. The app is a natural stage of development for their work, and we at Accounting4Actors are delighted to partner with them and offer our clients our own branded release of the app.

Our clients will find that the app easily allows them to enter and track all income and expenditure. You can set up all your invoices on the app, send them out to your engagers, and keep track of what's paid and what's outstanding. You can note all your expenditure and take pics of receipts for secure cloud-based storage, so no more keeping a drawer stuffed full of old envelopes of receipts.

At the end of the year, your A4A accountant already has all your income and expenditure info at the press of a keyboard button. It couldn't be easier.

Priced at £2.50 + VAT per month, the A4A SansDrama app is approximately half the price of similar apps such as Coconut and CountUp. It is also just a fraction of the price of Xero, Quickbooks or FreeAgent, which are really only necessary for our clients if they are registered for VAT or have a larger operation than most freelancers.

In 2023, HMRC plans to introduce "Making Tax Digital", which will mean quarterly tax returns transmissible only through commercial software. We think therefore that in time the app will be a requirement - but it's a no-brainer now, in any event. It will simplify your life (and, we admit, ours).

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